About School

Established in BS 2005

Introduction to the school

Nine Kilometers away from Mithila, the holy land of Jagat Janani Mata Janaki, and Janakpurdham, the capital city of Madesh Province, this school, which is situated on the west side of the road at Nagarain Chowk on the South Janakpur-Jatahi Girija Path, was established by the eminent people of the society under the leadership of Mr. Rajeshwar Nidhi, a great educationist, social worker, and freedom fighter in the year 2005 BS (1948 AD).

Historical Background of School Establishment

The school was established at Nagarain municipality of Dhanusha district as a result of tireless work and inspirational thought of the leader of the society and lover of education late Rajeshwar Nidhi during the Rana regime with the help of one Indian and two local teachers in 1995 B.S.

Late. Rajeshwar Nidhi received temporary permission for Nidhi Middle School on Baisakh 15, 2005. In the year 2016 BS, the Parliamentary Government succeeded in providing permanent approval and an annual grant for middle schools for classes 1 to 7.

In 2020 BS, on the occasion of the death anniversary of Rajeshwar Nidhi, this school was upgraded into a secondary school by the collective initiation of intellectuals and eminent persons. According to the educational policy of the Higher Secondary Education Council of the Government of Nepal, this school has been operating +2 level classes of the Faculty of Education and Commerce under the initiation of the local stakeholders since 2064 BS.

We look forward to your stay.

Premendra Kumar Nidhi Head Teacher


By incorporating the existing diversity in this school in the next 5 years, we will improve the learning achievement of the students through modern teaching methods including maximum use of the latest information technology. Properly developing the physical and educational, physical and managerial aspects of the school, this community school will be established as a model school and developed as a school of choice for parents and children as well as to play a leading role in enhancing the quality of school education.


The following targets have been set for the successful implementation of the Model School Development School Improvement Master Plan to be constructed by this school in the coming days with the support of the stakeholders. • A child-friendly school will be built by developing the educational, physical, and managerial aspects of the school. • According to the concept of a model school, to make maximum use of information technology in this school, to ensure educational quality and accountable management through modern teaching methods, to make the aspects of good governance effective, and to increase the learning achievement of students through practice. • To maintain good economic governance.